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OESTE - Land of Golf

Wide stretches of sand and deep blue sea. An enchanted Island with an ancient fortress. Fragrant orchards and large purple vineyards. A Lagoon bordered by pine trees, which look like a liquid mirror. Gentle rolling hills. City walls enclosing the white houses of the medieval Óbidos village. Pages of History in Monuments and Museums. A very rich Gastronomy with numerous fish and shellfish dishes.
The "Oeste" Region offers delightful sunny holidays and weekends, where life has another flavour.


"Oeste", Golf with a sea-view

Sea and beaches, cliffs and dunes, and constant sunshine company, define the charms of the coastal area of the "Oeste". This is the place of three of the regions golf courses. Green courses framed in gold and blue. The pleasure of the game combined with a healthy iodised atmosphere. A further golf course nestled between the hills offering infinite horizons.
After the game, there is still plenty to see and do. Sunbathing in one of the many beaches. Diving, underwater fishing, surfing, windsurfing, tennis playing and horse riding between dunes and mountain ridges. Enjoying the charms of the walled village of Óbidos. Taking a boat trip to the Berlenga Islands. Visiting Caldas da Rainha, Peniche, Torres Vedras and so many other locations that are rich in Art and History. Sample fresh fish delicacies, tasty shellfish and rural traditional cooking.


Come play golf in the Oeste and stay at Marazul Hotel, just less than 10 minutes from the best golf courses  !!!

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Praia D'El Rey Golf & Beach Resort

Vale de Janelas
2514-999 Óbidos
t: 351 262 905 005
f: 351 262 905 009
w: www.praia-del-rey.com




Golden Eagle Residence & Golf Resort

Quinta do Brinçal
E.N. 1, Km 63/64, Asseiceira
2040 - 481 - Rio Maior
t: 351 243 940 040
f: 351 243 940 049
w: www.goldeneagle-golfresort.com



Westin CampoReal Golf Resort & SPA

Estrada Municipal, 619 - 1/Cadriceira
Ed. da Administração
2565 - 779 Turcifal/Torres Vedras
t: 351 261 950 200
f: 351 261 950 201
w: www.camporeal.pt



Bom Sucesso Design Resort, Leisure & Golf

Bom Sucesso, Vau - Óbidos
2510-663 Vau - Óbidos
t: 351 262 965 310
f: 351 262 969 690
w: www.bomsucesso.com.pt



Vimeiro Golf Course

Praia do Porto Novo - Vimeiro
2560 Torres Vedras
t: 351 261 980 800
f: 351 261 984 621
w: www.eav.pt



Botado Golf Club

Praia da Consolação
2520 Peniche
t: 351 262 757 700
f: 351 262 750 717
w: www.atlanticogolfehotel.com

Marazul, Largo Padre José C. Leal, n.1, Serra D'el-Rei, Peniche 2525-810 Portugal     +351 262 909 640