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Vast sands and blue sea. The allure of an island with a secular fortress. The fresh green of the orchards, the purple of the vineyards. The liquid mirror of a pine-rimmed pond. The gentle undulation of the hills. The walls surrounding the white houses of the medieval village of Óbidos. The history pages of monuments and museums. The good flavors of a kitchen where fish and seafood are present.
This is the West for holidays or weekends made of sunshine and pleasure to live.

West, golf with sea views.

Sea and beaches, cliffs and dunes, the company of the sun define the enchanting west coast. Space where three of its golf courses are developed. Framing the green of the lawns with blue and gold. Adding to the pleasure of the game the vigor of a healthy, iodine atmosphere. The other golf course stretches across the rolling hills.

After golf there is a lot to see and do. Sunbathe on the many beaches, go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, surfing, windsurfing. Play tennis, ride dunes and hills. Enjoy the charms of Óbidos, walled village. Take a boat trip to Berlin. Visit Caldas da Rainha, Peniche and Torres Vedras and many other villages rich in art and history. Delight in fresh fish, tasty seafood, traditional country cuisine.

Come to the West ... play golf and stay at Marazul as we are less than 10 minutes from the main Golf Courses!

D'El Rey Golf & Beach Resort

Valley of Windows
2514-999 Óbidos
t: 351 262 905 005
f: 351 262 905 009
w: www.praia-del-rey.com

Golden Eagle Residence & Golf Resort

Quinta do Brinçal

EN 1, Km 63/64, Asseiceira
2040 - 481 - Rio Maior
t: 351 243 940 040
f: 351 243 940 049
w: www.goldeneagle-golfresort.com

Westin CampoReal Golf Resort & SPA

Municipal Road, 619 - 1 / Cadriceira
Administration Ed.
2565 - 779 Turcifal / Torres Vedras
t: 351 261 950 200
f: 351 261 950 201
w: www.camporeal.pt

Good Success Design Resort, Leisure & Golf

Good Success, Ford - Óbidos
2510-663 Ford - Obidos
t: 351 262 965 310
f: 351 262 969 690
w: www.bomsucesso.com.pt

Vimeiro Golf Course

Porto Novo Beach - Vimeiro

2560 Torres Vedras
t: 351 261 980 800
f: 351 261 984 621
w: www.eav.pt

Botado Golf Club

Consolation Beach
2520 Peniche
t: 351 262 757 700
f: 351 262 750 717
w: www.atlanticogolfehotel.com

Marazul, Largo Padre José C. Leal, n.1, Serra D'el-Rei, Peniche 2525-810 Portugal     +351 262 909 640