Wine Routes

Extremadura Wines

The cultivation of vines and the production of wines in the province of Estremadura have a tradition of many centuries, deserving a special mention, due to the notoriety that has come to highlight the Regional Wine Estremadura.

It is a wine with a geographical indication and, therefore, thanks to the possibility of using a wider range of grape varieties, such as those bearing the designation of Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC) of Arruda, Alenquer, Óbidos and Torres Vedras, produced in the Oeste region, have been considered by consumers as a good alternative to wines with a marked typicality.

And in a presentation, albeit brief, of the wine products of Estremadura, one cannot fail to mention the production of the famous liqueurs and the renowned brandy from Lourinhã, as well as, more recently, sparkling wines and the fresh and pleasant light wine, particularly suitable for to accompany the gastronomy of the sea that borders this region.

The West is the exuberance of the very tones in which it dresses.

Sometimes strong, sometimes soft, to the rhythm of the lapping of the sea and the rolling of the fields, here and there dotted with the white of the towns, villages
and the traditional windmills that mark the landscape.

It is the great spaces that call us to the values of nature and whisper promises of seduction, encounters with spirituality, with the values on which the memory of men is built.

West, Land of Vineyards and Sea.

Somewhere in the fields, the voice, the instruments and the romance rise, in the millenary culture of the vineyard.

But if pleasure is also made of the sea, beaches and sun, these are permanent attributes of a journey to discover this Region.

The West draws from the land and sea a rich and healthy gastronomy, whose excellent wines we invite you to discover in thematically organized routes.

Try and confirm. The pleasure is yours!