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Wine Routes

Wines from Estremadura

Vine-growing and wine production in the province of Estremadura are traditions that go back several centuries, earning special mention due to the increasing notoriety of the Vinho Regional Estremadura.
Consumers regard it as a fine alternative to very typical wines due to its geographic indication and because it is possible to use a wide range of vine varieties. Such is the case of wines with DOC designation (registered designation of origin) from Arruda, Alenquer, Óbidos and Torres Vedras, produced in the West.
Even in a short presentation of the wine products from Estremadura, it is unavoidable to mention the production of the famous liqueurs and spirits from Lourinhã, as well as the more recent production of sparkling wine and fresh and pleasant light wine, which is specially suitable to serve with the typical seafood dishes of the region’s gastronomy.

The West is as luxurious as the colours it wears.

Strong and pastel shades blend together in the landscape, dancing to the sound of the sea. A countryside landscape sprinkled with
the white of the traditional villages, towns and windmills.
The wide open spaces calls us back to values of nature and whisper promises of seduction in our ears, a rendezvous with spirituality, the very same values the memory of men is made of.

The West - Land of Vineyards and Sea.

Somewhere in the fields rise the voice, the instruments and the romance linked to the millenary vine-growing activity. These are also permanent characteristics of a trip to discover this region, even if pleasure is mostly made of sea, beaches and sun.

The West takes its rich and healthy gastronomy from land and sea, with excellent wines that you are invited to discover during some
thematic itineraries.
Taste and confirm. The pleasure is all yours!

See below a video on Wine Routes available in the Oeste:


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